An owner or possessor of a monument can apply for aid for its maintenance, including the installation of a security and signalisation system, as well as for the conservation and restoration of the monument or for creating optimal conservation conditions.

To apply for aid from next year’s budget, the following documents have to be submitted to the National Heritage Board by 30 September at the latest:

  • filled-in application form
  • a monument conservation or restoration project approved by the National Heritage Board, accompanying the application for the conservation or restoration of the monument concerned.

The National Heritage Board will announce its decision within two weeks after the Minister of Culture has approved the Board's budget for the next financial year. The beneficiaries will be informed of the funds allocated for the work specified.

The National Heritage Board will disclose the beneficiaries and allocated funds on its website.

Beneficiaries shall submit a report to the National Heritage Board describing exploitation of the aid within one month after completing the work or by the deadline specified in the contract.


Ad-hoc emergency aid allocated for monuments via the National Heritage Board can be viewed here.

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