Collaboration and Development of new Methods for the Preservation of Underwater Cultural Heritage (CODEUCH)


The objective of the project is to intesify the cooperation between the Baltic Sea States in order to ensure the preservation of the underwater cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea.

The goal of project CODEUCH is to map the current practice of the Baltic Sea States regarding the protection of underwater monuments. The emphasis is placed on large-scale cross-border development projects and marine spatial planning. The project also aims to find common solutions to introduce the underwater cultural heritage to different interest groups on a larger scale.



The project activities are divided between three main topics:


1)      Protected monuments and their protection zones and various large-scale development / cross-border projects.

2)      Recreational diving and protected monuments

3)      Databases and using their potential for the visualisation and presentation of the UCH


All Baltic Sea countries are involved in the project through the Baltic Sea Region Working Group on Underwater Cultural Heritage (see, which is initiated by the Monitoring Group that is a CBSS intergovernmental thematic working group on cultural heritage.




The wreck site does not consist solely of the compact remains of the hull, but also of the detached parts deposited around the wreck. Larger parts of the rigging belonging to this 17th century sailing ship presented in the sonar image can be visually noticed in a ca 20 m radius from the wreck.


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EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Seed Money Facility



Duration: 12 months,  1.12.2014 – 30.11.2015


Lead partner:

Estonian National Heritage Board

Contact person:

Maili Roio


Other partners: 

Finland’s National Board of Antiquities

Contact person:

Riikka Alvik


Swedish National Maritime Museums

Contact person:

Nina Eklöf